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Welcome to Ethimex Cask Solutions, your worldwide supplier of speciality casks for the ageing and finishing of quality spirits, wines and beers.

We supply the global beverage sector with:

  • Brand-new white oak barrels – crafted from conventional oak species, or our progressive Novel Oaks range
  • Alternative wood caskscoopered from sustainably-sourced traditional and innovative hardwoods which are well-suited to spirits maturation
  • Standard used barrelcasks in bulk volume for general spirits maturation
  • Speciality used casks – for the maturation or finishing of finer spirits and craft beers
  • Wooden vats and foudres – for bulk applications in the premium beer, spirits and winemaking sectors

Our cask sourcing and production operations span five continents where our regional managers, under our Head of Division, Richard Bayles, work in the field to ensure all the casks we source or produce are up to our exacting standards. You can follow Richard’s global journal here.

And you can count on our experienced International Logistics team to manage your order professionally and punctually from origin to delivery point.

Please contact us with your cask requirements!

Richard Bayles Jalisco Tequila 2016 piñas del maguey



Keep on top of what’s bubbling in the world of spirits, casks and more besides…

Read the latest from Richard’s Field Journal here

About Ethimex Ltd

Ethimex Ltd, established in 1999, is a UK-headquartered company specialised in the supply of premium ethanol (ethyl alcohol) and spirits in bulk, and also produces its own spirit brands through its subsidiary, Charles Edge London.

New white oak barrels under construction

New Casks

Ethimex Scotland - Used sherry casks awaiting vetting / pic: Richard Bayles

Quality Used Casks

Oak foudres, ex French wine, recently renovated and installed in USA brewery

Vats and Foudres




Raising a wee dram o’ cask-strength (sherry finish, of course)…

Happy Hogmanay and a guid New Year tae ane an a!! . We raise a wee dram to...

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Yuletide journal: The barrel-slung St. Bernards of, well, St. Bernard’s

In a wholehearted yet utterly failed attempt on my part to link the two great themes of barrels and Christmas together for a little...

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Whiskey ‘n’ Rye

Glad to announce we are back, full steam ahead, with our Rye barrel exports. We’re talking good ol’ Kentucky American Rye Whiskey barrels here,...

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Arabica Coffeewood Cask Update

Pleased to report that the coffeewood cask prototype has passed its spirit-tightness trial and things are looking good. We are currently doing alkaloid extractive...

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New: Arabica Coffee Liqueur Barrels… with a big splash of Rum

Colombia and coffee are words which fit snuggly hand in hand, but they also seem to be a frequently recurring combination here at the...

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Rum ‘n’ Oak coming up…

Rum running and barrel slinging with one of our partner distilleries in the Caribbean!...

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Mizunara Oak and Whisky – so what’s all the fuss about?

One of our good customers, a major household name, swears by them. Another good client, equally legendary in the distillers' hall of fame, raises his...

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Tawny Port Pipes? Caveat emptor!

Fresh back from a quick scoot around the stunning Douro Valley where...

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New: Virgin high-altitude coffeewood casks (yes, you read it correctly)

How about this for a world first in spirits and beers maturation? In collaboration with a major family-owned coffee grower in the Eje Cafetero of...

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